Best Garden Hose Reel

Best Garden Hose Reels

Fed up of kinks in your garden house or tired of constantly trying to neatly coil it next to your spigot?

Fortunately a garden hose reel solves both of those problems…and I’m guessing its why you’re here!

There are a number of different options available on the market today, but which garden hose reel is the best?

Let’s take a look!

Best Garden Hose Reel Reviews in 2020

Suncast Resin Swivel Hose Reel Review


The Suncast Storage Bin for Swivel Hose is very easy to use. It comes fully assembled, so you need not worry about being faced with another assembly project. It is available in a variety of styles to suit any type of landscape.

The Reel of Suncast Hose can wind up to 225 feet of hose and has a swivel base for multi-directional winding. The 360 degrees base swivel permits reeling in the hose at any angle. The unit comes with ground stakes for providing maximum stability, which rules out tipping while you carry out your operations. 

Suncast’s innovative hose guide tracks the hose neatly on the reel, so there are no tangles to iron out. The guide also facilitates smooth and tangle-free unwinding.

This best garden hose reel is constructed with sturdy resin, which prevents the unit from damage from the elements. It sports a reinforced seal that ensures the connection between hose-reel and hose is watertight. You get a large storage bin to keep your various garden tools with this hose reel. Garden and environment lovers will find this item to be indispensable.

What We Liked

What We Didn’t Like

  • The reel can wind up to 225 feet of hose
  • Swivel base for multi-directional winding
  • Sturdy resin construction prevents damage from elements
  • Large storage capacity facilitates storage of various garden tools
  • Size is a bit large

Suncast Aquawinder 125' Wicker Garden Hose Reel Review


Watering your garden and yard need not be a chore anymore. Keep them looking vibrant and lush with regular watering with minimum effort. The Suncast Aquawinder 125′ Wicker Garden Hose Reel will help you to do it. The Suncast Aquawinder is a fully assembled handy device and not an assembly project. It is constructed with sturdy resin, which keeps the unit from damage from elements. 

A system has been provided, which ensures that the hose-reel and hose connection are watertight. Plus, there is a large storage bin that facilitates storage place for your frequently used garden implements and tools.

This storage box is sturdy. It has some great features making its use very easy even if you need to use hoses that are long. However, this storage box requires some assembly, but that’s no big deal. Putting it together is quite a simple matter, and you can do so without tools.

The base is designed for a 360 deg – swivel, which enables you to move around while unreeling even a lengthy hose. The base of the box can be secured with the stakes provided so that the hose reel does not tip over.

What We Liked

What We Didn’t Like

  • Sturdy resin construction prevents damage from the elements
  • Sturdy storage box suitable for long hoses
  • Stakes included preventing the box from tipping over
  • 360 deg. swivel base facilitates free movement with long hoses
  • The storage box requires some assembly

Suncast Java Garden Hose Reel Review


A vibrant garden and a lush yard are a sight to behold. Take the hassle out of watering your garden and your yard. Watering your garden becomes a pleasure instead of a chore with the Suncast Java Wicker Garden Hose Reel. 

The reel has a capacity of reeling in 125 feet of hose length. It comes with two pegs to enable you to secure it firmly to the ground. The durable plastic casing of the hose reel has a texture that appears like wood to match your outdoor decor. 

This hose reel uses its innovative track feature to guide the hose smoothly into the reel. So you need not deal with any tangle ups that are not only tough to iron out but also take up time. 

To ease matters, you can reel in the hose by just flicking a lever, and the reeling automatically starts. Your yard or garage will easily be able to accommodate this ideal compact-sized hose reel. It is designed very intuitively, so the hose and reel are completely concealed. It has an awesome structural design that is fit to complement any outdoor decor. 

This retractable hose reel is versatile and can prove to be your best friend in gardening. The Suncast Java Wicker Garden Hose Reel is a piece of must-have equipment for those who care to have an aesthetic landscape. 

What We Liked

What We Didn’t Like

  • Innovative track feature to guide the hose smoothly into the reel
  • Aesthetic: hose and reel are completely concealed
  • Complements any outdoor decor
  • The two pegs provided enable you to secure it firmly and avoid tipping over
  • Chances of water wastage because of copious flow

Liberty Garden 708 Steel Decorative Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel Review


For those looking for a stylish wall mounting hose reel, the Liberty Garden model 708 Hose Reel is an excellent buy. It gives your garden a stylish yet classic look. This model is not portable and needs to be fixed at a permanent place. Hence you are to ensure that the location you choose to fix is central to your garden and watering areas. It has a swivel of 90 deg, which helps when you are winding the hose.

The reel has the capacity to wind Garden Hose of 125-feet of standard diameter & a 5’ Leader Hose. Its construction is of thick steel with a durable finish, which is rustproof, prevents damage, and ensures a long life to the hose reel.

The reel is fully assembled; hence you simply have to attach the handle, mount it on the wall, and start watering. You just need to draw out the hose when you want to use it and retract it when you’re done with it.

The hose reel It does not come with a cover; hence the hose will be exposed to the elements. This has to be kept in mind before you mount the hose. You should keep it in a garage or a shed. 

The Liberty Garden model 708 Hose Reel comes with a storage tray on top and brass fittings where you can conveniently store your frequently used garden tools. Although it should be fitted on an outer wall, the requisite fixtures and fittings are not included with it. 

What We Liked

What We Didn’t Like

  • Stylish yet traditional look
  • Rustproof powder coating prevents damage and ensures long life
  • Not portable – Needs to be fixed on the wall

AMES 2388340 ReelEasy Side Mount Reel Review


The AMES Model 2388340 Hose Reel is one of the best hoses you can buy. This hose reel has a side-mounting design that can be fixed easily to walls, which makes it convenient to store the hose. Its neutral color plan blends perfectly with any type of landscape.

It comes with a 100 feet length & standard 5/8” hose and includes a Leader hose. The hose guide is integrated and aligns the hose with the reel, which makes winding the hose easy. You just need to turn the crank handle and watch the hose shuttling quickly, neatly and effortlessly. The clip ensures that you can conveniently store the hose when it is not being used. An easy-spin hold makes it easy to hold. 

The hardware that connects the hoses is of very good quality and ensures that there are no leakages. It sports a sturdy metal reel, and its frame gives the appearance that it is powder-coated. Its installation is fairly easy and can be done by you on your own, though an additional pair of hands would be welcome. 

The installation process involves “swinging out” the reel, which is a bit cumbersome. All the requisite hardware is provided, including nuts and washers for fixing the hose reel to concrete walls and large wooden bolts for fixing the hose reel to wooden walls. 


What We Liked

What We Didn’t Like

  • Easy mounting on concrete or wood walls
  • Integrated hose guide makes winding of the hose on the reel easy
  • Convenient storage space for the hose
  • Can hold hose of limited to only 100 feet length

ORCISH Retractable Garden Hose-Reel Review


To those homeowners who prefer to spend most of their weekends gardening, the ORCISH Retractable Water Hose is highly recommended. This cute assembly is sure to bring joy and smiles on the faces of your family. 

ORCISH Retractable Water Hose is a 66 feet 3/8 inches Garden Hose-Reel with premium quality brass threading at its ends. It offers a complete garden watering solution with a smooth draw out and an easy rewind function. You can stop the hose at the desired length with the help of the spring system provided. It includes easy to connect hose fittings, which ensure that there are no leaks. This prevents the wastage of water.

Its sprayer nozzle with nine adjustments has multiple uses like watering the garden, car washing, showering your pets, and floor cleaning. It functions very well and is quite sturdy.

The hose reel can be wall-mounted to look like a traditional hose reel and permits for 180-degree rotation. The hose can be pulled out easily from the base and is self-retracting. It retracts with ease, and the hose doesn’t tangle.

It can be easily removed from its wall mounting for safe storage when not in use. ORCISH hose reels are suited best for indoor as well as outdoor use. So go ahead and click the buy button to get yourself an ORCISH Water Hose! 

What We Liked

What We Didn’t Like

  • Hose retracts with ease with no tangling involved whatsoever
  • Sprayer Nozzle consists of 9 adjustments that facilitate multiple uses
  • The assembly supports a hose length of only 66 feet

Gartenkraft XG-75S Retractable Hose Reel Review


The Gartenkraft retractable Model XG-75S 75′ hose reel is a true gardener’s delight. It can be easily mounted either on a concrete wall or a wooden wall for which the accessories are provided. You need to pull the hose to your desired length, and the reel will stop & lock in place. Then you can start watering your garden. 

Once you are done, gently pull at the hose, and it will retract on to the reel. The guidance system ensures that the hose will roll up perfectly without it tangling inside the reel. So there is no need to roll the heavy hose up. The Gartenkraft has the feature of Slow Rewind. You just drop the hose on the ground, and it will retract at a slow speed, ensuring an easy & safe rewind.

The Gartenkraft hose reel has a new access panel that allows you an option to either replace or adjust the hose. A mounting kit is provided, and the mounting brackets permit for a 180° swivel. The mount features a quick-release mechanism so the unit can easily be removed for storage when not in use.

The Gartenkraft reel comes with a multi-function spray nozzle useful for watering, car washing, showering your pets, floor spraying & cleaning.

What We Liked

What We Didn’t Like

  • Guidance system ensures that hose will roll up perfectly without any tangling
  • Mounting brackets allow a 180° swivel
  • Multi-function spray nozzle
  • Slow Rewind Hose system for comfortable & safe retraction
  • Hose length limited to only 75 feet and 11/2 inch

Giraffe Retractable Garden Hose Reel Review


The Giraffe Retractable Garden Hose Reel has a hose length of 90 feet 5/8 inch width. It is provided with a nine adjustable sprayer nozzle. It can be wall-mounted and has a 180° swivel. The mounting material is made of premium-quality and shock-resistant polypropylene. 

The unit is made from durable aluminum, which ensures that the hose reel has a long life. The premium hose is provided with a sturdy rewinding spring. The twist collar is made of heavy-duty material and premium-quality brass accessories. 

The hose can be drawn to the length of your choice and locked for watering. A mere tug on the hose and the giraffe hose reel comfortably and safely rewinds the hose. Say goodbye to rewind a heavy and bulky hose by hand manually. An auto-track system ensures the distribution of the hose evenly over the reel while rewinding.

It has a slow rewinding mechanism that retracts the hose gradually. This ensures no wear and tear on the hose. It also ensures that the hose rewinds safely. 

The adjustable cord stopper permits an increase and decrease of the cord length that remains after the cord is totally rewound. A special tangle-free mechanism facilitates pulling out the cord from any angle. It is easy to remove the unit for storage with the quick release mechanism provided. You just have to unscrew a few screws and carry out the hose reel to the area you need to use it.

What We Liked

What We Didn’t Like

  • Slow rewinding mechanism for retracting the hose comfortably and safely
  • An auto-track system ensures tangle-free retraction
  • Hose length limited to 90 feet length


Garden hoses are required to maintain your lawn. As you can see above, we have reviewed the best garden hose reel on the market. We have reviewed hoses that can accommodate garden hoses with a length right from 66 feet to 225 feet. You can choose the one best for you depending on your requirement. You can also check

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