Best Lawn Mower Blades

Lawn mower blades are the most significant single component of any lawn mower. For maintaining your lawn in the flawless condition, you’re going to need to equip your lawn mower with the best mower blades. 

It is essential to pick a mower blade that will fit your lawn mower. It should also meet the individual requirements of your yard.

Sharp blades will help you to cut your grass neatly and proficiently. Sturdier blade construction will reduce maintenance costs and will reduce the need to purchase replacement lawn mower blades.

There are numerous brands and models available on the market. Choosing a perfect lawn mower blade can be a confusing prospect. 

You will need specialist knowledge and extensive research to decide which is the best fit blade for your lawn mower.

Best Lawn Mower Blade Reviews

Toro 22 inches Recycler Mower Blade Model 59534P Review


This blade is structured explicitly for Toro lawn mowers to deliver a sharp cut, keeping your grass alluring and healthy. It’s a stainless steel tooth mulcher blade of width 2-¼ inches, 0.15 inches thickness, and length of 21-11/16 inches. 

This blade is also very easy to install on your mower. It is designed to mulch over the grass in your yard. Mulching with this blade will give you the advantage of having small bits of grass. 

This will act as natural garden compost as the smaller the pieces of grass, the easier it is to decompose.

This mulcher blade can work even on the wet grass and mow it to an appropriate size. This blade, on its first execution, has a superb cutting edge. It is sharp and carries out the job quickly and fluidly. 

It makes cutting simple. When you use it, a clean-cut is visible in the appearance of the lawn. However, it does dull easily. 

You should occasionally sharpen the blade to keep it going. If you feel that it is not well balanced, then you can sand it. 

Maintaining the sharpness of the blade and keeping it balanced will improve the performance of cutting and mulching.

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Maxpower Model 561739 Mower Blade Set Review


The Maxpower Model 561739 blades come in a set of two blades. They measure 23 inches in length and 2-3/4 inches in width. The blades have a 5 point center hole and can be used for 46 inches cuts. 

These blades are perfect for bigger, heavy-duty lawn mowers. They are compatible with three different lawn mower brands i.e., Craftsman, Husqvarna, and Poulan. 

When it comes to the performance of these blades, they are relatively quiet. They make negligible to no vibrations when the motor is on.

The blades are durable and can deal with thick and tough grass. They ensure that you get a smooth cut. The blades help you to mow your yard rapidly while giving a precise cut to your grass. 

You can also try these blades with other mower brands, provided the mowers have the same specifications. 

The blades are not made for mulching; however, they can be used with a bag as high lift blades. 

The Maxpower Model 561739 blades are ideal for periodical cuts. They just need to be sharpened two times per year to keep up their quality performance.

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Honda Model 72531 VH7 000 Lawn Mower Blade Set Review


The Honda Model 72531 Set includes two blades, one upper and one lower. These blades are 20.75 inches long and are resistant to corrosion. They are specifically designed for Honda, the HRX217 Mower. 

The Honda Model 72531 Set is made to offer high performance. They are an ideal fit and have a significant level of toughness for regular mowing use.

The blades are not pre-sharpened, and you need to sharpen them before use. Sanding them is also recommended for balancing. These blades cut well and leave no shredded tips on the grass. 

They can rip through thicker grass stocks without getting the stock stuck in between the blades. There could be a few vibrations in your mower when using these blades. These blades are durable and long-lasting.

The only issue you might face with these blades is while installing them on your mower. Installation may be time-consuming and not so easy as the instructions provided with the blades are not very clear. 

But once installed, you can neatly and uniformly mow your yard.


The Honda Model 72531 Set can’t be utilized for mulching. These blades are high to medium-lift blades. They can bag the grass clippings effortlessly into the bag situated at the rear of the mower. 

They can be sharpened periodically to give better performance and consistency. Moreover, they are budget-friendly and will provide a smooth and clean-cut to your lawn.

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USA Model AYP340BP Mower Blade Review


This blade is 21 inches long and 2-¼ inches wide. It also has a 5 point star shape in its center for installation. It is perfect for use on a 42-inch deck. 

This blade can also perform as a high lift blade helping you in bagging your grass clippings. It is sharp and has a standard size. It has the capability to function both as a high lift and as a mulcher.

The USA Model AYP340BP Mower Blade is long-lasting and well designed for both heavy-duty as well as light-duty jobs. However, this blade may not be very suitable for uneven grounds. 

It will twist & bend easily missing out most of the grass. This blade can be considered if you have a flat lawn surface. It is compatible with the Craftsman and Husqvarna mower brands.

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Maxpower Model 561713XB Mower Blade Set Review


The Maxpower Model 561713XB set includes two blades measuring 21 inches length and 2-½ inches width. These blades provide a total cutting area of 42 inches. They can function admirably with an assortment of brands and is generally perfect with Poulan, Husqvarna, and Craftsman.

Like all other Maxpower blades, these blades also have a star-shaped 5 point hole in the center for installation. They are made of high-quality material and are extremely tough and robust. They can slash through sticks and branches with no sweat.

They are long-lasting and very easy to install. They are strong enough to slice through even the tree roots in your yard. They can mulch very well but may not be suitable on uneven surfaces. These blades do not need to be sharpened often like most other blades.

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Gator Fusion G5 Mower Blade Set Review


The Gator Fusion G5set comprises of 2 blades measuring 21-3/16 inches in length, 3 inches in width and 0.164 inches in thickness. They have a 6 point hole in the center for installation. These blades can fit on various brands such as Yard-Man, MTD, Cub Cadet, White, Wards, and Troy Bilt.

The blades consist of an infused Tungsten Carbide layer inside the edges of the blade. This provides a longer, stronger, and more durable life to the blades. The sharp edges are more than equipped for mulching. You can also use them as a high lift blade.

However, they are not very great while working with wet grasses. The blades cannot stand a high impact on heavier obstacles and may tend to bend. Hence it is advisable to keep away from rocks, stumps, and tree roots while using these blades. 

You should sharpen these blades before the first use. They can be sharpened more than once per year to keep them working in perfect condition.

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Stens Model 340 178 Mower Blade Set Review


The Stens Model 340 set includes two blades and is suitable for mowers that have a deck size of 42 inches. These are medium to high lift blades that work over a five-pointed star mount. 

They measure 21 inches long, 2-¼ inches wide and have a thickness of 0.149 inches. The blades cannot be utilized for mulching. They could be used if you want to bag grass clippings.

The blades are very easy to install and are factory sharpened. This saves a lot of time & energy and allows you to start mowing immediately after installation. 

There is an added advantage of these blades. The blades not only work on lawn mowers but can also work as tractor blades.

The Stens Model 340 blades allow you to raise the grass and leaves together to clear your lawn. However, these blades may not go over little obstructions. They tend to bend when the mower goes over rocks and debris.

The Stens Model 340 can be utilized for any mower with a five-pointed star mount. They provide a clear and clean-cut to your lawn, making it look healthy and beautiful.

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EGO Power+ Model AB2101 Mower Blade Review


The EGO Power+ Model AB2101 is a mower blade made for bagging grass clippings. This enhances the bagging efficiency of your lawn mower. It is most appropriate for the EGO Power+ 21 inches lawn mower.

The blade is factory sharpened for phenomenal performance in cutting. The blade delivers a clear and clean-cut promoting the well being of the lawn. This allows you to cut your lawn immediately after installation.

This also enables you to mow your lawn effectively for maximized grass cutting performance. The blade is also a standout among other high lift blades available for lawn mowers of EGO Power+.

This mower blade gives a huge of the cutting area and fits well with most lawn mowers of EGO Power+. The blade is made of stainless steel, and hence you are assured that it will not rust easily. However, this blade is not recommended for use with the mulching plug.

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There are various mower blade options on the market. Without having the correct information about the best brands and models, picking the right mower blade could never be easy. 

The above reviews of some of the top available mower blades give you the highlights of each blade. They explain as to what makes each of these blades a decent choice. 

The reviews also explain why the mower blade will work the best with your mower. We have covered almost all kinds of mower blades that give you top-notch grade quality. 

Happy Lawn Mowing!

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