Best Lawn Mower for Small Yards

Finding the perfect mower for a smaller yard can be more challenging than you might initially think. 

You certainly don’t need some massive mower hogging precious space in your garage or storage shed just for a small patch of grass.

At the same time, it is important to be sure you get a mower that is ideally suited for tight spaces & is nimble enough to maneuver around objects in your yard. 

So lets jump right and get started!

Best Lawn Mowers for Small Yards

Greenworks Grass Mower Model MO40B410


This battery powered model from the awesome folks at Greenworks is perfectly suited for smaller yards and will also stand up to larger spaces if you end up moving to a home with a larger mowing area. 

A push of a button, and with an adjustment of a lever for grass height, you are ready to mow. Attractive in its look, the Greenworks Grass Mower Model MO40B410 has just the right weight and can be moved very easily. It hardly makes any noise and does an efficient job of mowing the lawn. 

Cutting through thick grass will not pose a problem, and hence you will not get bogged down. The Greenworks Grass Mower is cordless and runs on a large battery which can be recharged on a charger that is provided with the mower, within half an hour. The battery can be inserted in the slot in seconds. Being battery operated, the mower is environmentally friendly and requires zero maintenance. 

The capacity of the attached bag for collecting the grass is ten minutes of cutting. For normal grass height, one battery charge would be sufficient at 2 or 3 levels. It scores heavily over lawn mowers powered by gas as it eliminates wasting time and money on fuel, oil, etc. It is also a great way of going green as there is no question of smoke emissions. You can set the height adjustment lever to the length to which you need the grass to be cut.

The Greenworks Grass Mower Model MO40B410 is a great machine for anyone who has a small yard. 

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EGO Power+ Mower Review


The popularity of conventional gas-powered mowers is reason enough to be skeptical about the use of an electric mower. But the actual performance of EGO Power+ 20-Inch battery-powered mower will be enough to convince you of its effectiveness, thanks to the development of improved battery technologies. You will be relieved from the noise, gas, mess, and smells associated with a gas-powered mower. No more wastage of time over the cleaning carburetors or fuel systems. You can rest assured that this electric mower has the same power as a gas-powered mower. When you mow with this mower, you will fall in love with it because of the ease of its operations.

The machine is sturdy and is built with quality, durable material. It is light compared to gas-powered mowers and easily maneuverable. You can convert it from its storage state to ready for action in a matter of seconds.

Adjusting the blade height is by far the easiest you would ever have seen with a lawn mower. The mechanism is uncomplicated and extremely simple to adjust. Charging of the battery is unbelievably quick: from zero charge to complete charge takes hardly about 30 minutes. You will easily be able to mow your front and back yards on a single charge. It can give you 30 minutes mowing on a single charge.

The EGO Power+ Mower with a push-button start is amazingly powerful, and there’s absolutely no problem mowing even with overgrown lawns.

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Black+Decker MM2000 Lawn Mower


The Black+Decker MM2000 Lawn Mower is a powerful 20-inch battery-operated machine that is really fast and makes your yard work easy. Its powerful electric motor guarantees high-performance to create and maintain a well-manicured lawn without being expensive. It eliminates noise, emissions, maintenance, and use of fuel associated with a gas-powered model. This mower is for those who want their lawn to look impressive and immaculate without breaking into a sweat.

The Black+Decker MM2000 electric mower is equipped with a reliable instant push start button. It has a powerful motor and equipped to bag, mulch, and side discharge grass cuttings. The machine’s design permits cutting fence & flower bed edges, providing a neat and manicured look to your garden. 

The mower features seven height adjustments that allow you to choose the height of the cut as per your preference. It can mow unusually tall grass with a minimum of fuss. Carrying handles provided facilitate convenient & easy transportation and storage.

The one-touch height adjustment can be achieved with the help of a single lever. It can be folded for storage when not in use. This makes it a great space saver for those pressed for space.

The cut grass collection bag is large, and hence you will need to make fewer trips to the compost pit. The cutting patch is wider, which further cuts down on mowing time.

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Husqvarna LC121FH Lawn Mower Review


The Husqvarna LC121FH lawn mower is a front-wheel-drive gas machine that starts with the first pull. The front-wheel-drive makes it easy to use and saves the effort needed to mow.

It has a 21-inch patch width and a choice of 4 adjustments for different grass lengths. There is no need to prime it, you just have to walk behind it, and it will do all the work. It’s powerful, cuts through tall grass, and you need not use the bag as it mulches the grass.

The mower is made of good quality material and is put together very well. It sports a water hose to clean the underside of the deck, and the soft-grip handle of the Husqvarna LC121FH lawn mower makes mowing very comfortable.

There is that occasional smoke when it starts since it is a gas-powered mower. It is very economical in fuel consumption.

The machine is perfectly suited for flat lawns. Mowing around obstacles is achieved through its customized maneuvering design. Assembling is easy with four knobs to tighten on the handle. The handle of the Husqvarna LC121FH lawn mower can be positioned in either of the two positions i.e., for tall or short individuals. 

It has a motor packed with power. Although the drive is basically for one speed, it can be set at a brisk pace. It provides an even cut and the bagging, mulching and side discharge assembly work perfectly.

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GreenWorks Lawn Mower Model 25022 Review


Are you looking for an alternative for your gas or battery-powered mower? Are you fed up dealing with a fuel refilling or a battery draining problem? Then the GreenWorks Lawn Mower model 25022 is a great solution for you.

This is a 20 inch – corded electric mower with 12 Amp powerful motor. The deck of the mower is made of durable steel. It comes fully assembled and is lightweight. Only the handle needs to be attached to the unit. It is easy to activate. Just press the button, lift the handle lever, and you are ready to go. 

The seven-position height adjustments allow a variety of cutting heights for all grass types. The height of the mower blade is easy to adjust using the lever. The large rear tires make it easy to maneuver. It also has a bag for collection of the debris which can be easily attached to the mower and emptied. The blade is also easily removable and can be sharpened without any hassle.

By using a heavy-duty extension cord, this mower will give you enough power. However, the extension cord is not included in the package and needs to be purchased separately. This mower allows you to mow your lawn faster with fewer passes. The top half of the push bar and the handle are easily foldable. This makes the mower occupy less storage space in your shed or garage.

It is also much quieter while operating when you compare it to other lawn mowers. For longevity of the mower, it is recommended to clean it after every use.

All in all, this is a great mower for a small yard. It has an amazing design and comes at an affordable price. It has got the power and all the features that you would need. 

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American Lawn Mower Company Model 1204-14 Review


Are you looking for an inexpensive mower for your small yard, which is simple and easy to put together and maintain? The American Lawn Mower Company Model 1204-14 checks all the boxes. It is a very well made 14-inch manual grass mower with a four-blade push reel. It is easy to assemble with the included instructions. It has pre-sharpened, smooth-spinning blades with easy to roll polymer wheels. 

The mower blades are made of high-grade thermally treated alloy steel for long-lasting sharpness. You should use WD-40 on the blades before and after every use to keep them rust-free. The 1204-14 mower has an adjustable cutting height, which combines to deliver a perfectly groomed lawn with very little effort. 

The American Lawn Mower Company Model 1204-14 is easy to maneuver. You just have to move it forward and backward a few times. It does the job of cutting the grass very well and can be used for several common grass types. It cuts the grass precisely. It gives a scissor-like cut to your lawn without using any fuel, cord, or making a lot of noise. 

This mower is so light that it can easily be lifted and carried anywhere. It will not occupy a lot of space in your storage area. If you have a small to the medium yard to mow, this mower is a great choice. You will be really very pleased with this straight out of the box mower. It is a quality product at an affordable price.

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BLACK+DECKER Model MTC220 Review


Facing trouble in mowing your rough and uneven lawn? Then the BLACK+DECKER Model MTC220 is a total lifesaver for you. The machine offers you landscaping ability in a single, compact tool. It is a three in one tool i.e., a lawn mower, a string trimmer and an edger machine. It offers the most value and versatility for a mower for a small to medium yard or garden. It is also a great option if you have space constraints.

It comprises of a firm base deck with four wheels securing a string trimmer/edger with a cutting swath of 12 inches. It is a cordless mower. It comes with two rechargeable 20-volt MAX lithium-ion batteries. The foot pedal enables rapid insertion and taking off of the trimmer/edger while switching between mowing and trimming/edging. 

The mower maintains constant speed through the gear-driven transmission. The feature of the Auto Feed System allows constant and automatic line advancement without bumping. It also has adjustment options of two height levels that help to raise or lower all the four wheels. The batteries are long-lasting and retain charge for five times longer as compared to similar batteries on the market. Moreover, these batteries are compatible with BLACK+DECKER’s full line of gardening tools. 

The mower is very easy to use and maneuver. It will always give your lawn a smooth surface. As it is battery operated, there is no need for gas or oil to be stored. It is also relatively quiet.

The BLACK+DECKER Model MTC220 mower is a lightweight, functional design machine with adjustable height and handles position. It is definitely one of the finest lawn care tools you can own for your small yard.

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Great States 415-16 Review


Are you looking for an environment-friendly option for mowing your lawn? The Great States 415-16 will be an ideal choice for you. This mower will definitely make your lawn mowing experience far easier, hassle-free, and more efficient.

The Great States 415-16 is a 16 inch 5 blade push reel lawn mower. It is easy to assemble. The blades are made of super quality thermally treated alloy steel for staying sharp for a prolonged period. It has precise, and the cutting of the grass is clean, enabling you to keep your lawn looking very neat. 

The mower just needs a push to start. The quick and adjustable cutting height will always give you a clean cut every time. There is no cord or engine for this mower, which makes it easy to maintain. You will not face any gas refilling, oil spillage, or battery draining problems. It trims without making a lot of noise.

The Great States 415-16 is lightweight and easy to maneuver in any yard. The handles are very comfortable to use. This makes it very easy to work with, and it is simple to store.

The Great States 415-16 reel mower will be a great solution not only for you and your lawn but also to the environment.

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I hope you liked our reviews of the best lawn mower for small yards. All the five lawn mowers that we reviewed are excellent and you can choose the one most appropriate for you. You can also check the best lawn mower for hills and tips you need to keep in mind while mowing. Happy mowing!! 

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