Brinly Lawn Sweeper Review

Brinly Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper Review

The fallen leaves lying on your lawn for a prolonged period will not only damage the grass but also hinder its growth. Using a rake could be very tiring and exhaustive, especially if you have a large lawn to clear. If you want to enjoy beautiful weekends in your lawn without hard labor, it’s time to consider buying a Brinly lawn sweeper.

There are a variety of lawn sweepers available on the market. Choosing the right lawn sweeper for your yard could be a challenging task.  

To select the best lawn sweeper, firstly, you must consider the terrain of your lawn. Secondly, you should keep in mind the volume of debris that you need to clear. The type of debris/junk you will collect should also be kept in mind. This will enable you to buy the ideal lawn sweeper for your yard.

Considering above, the Brinly’s Lawn Sweepers are highly recommended. They are not only large and sturdy but also packed with many excellent features.

They are an excellent solution for those who want to sweep their lawn fast and save valuable time. They are capable of collecting huge debris and will make cleaning the yard a breeze. Let’s check below an unbiased Brinly Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper Review. 

Brinly Lawn Sweeper Review in 2020


Some of the prominent features of the sweeper are as below:

Build and Quality

Brinly’s lawn sweepers are among the highest quality lawn sweepers available on the market today. The high-performance sweepers are capable of collecting any type of debris right from grass clipping to hard pine cones. They have the ability to work even in the toughest terrains. This is due to the six high-velocity brushes and 5:1 brush to wheel proportion. 

The brushes rotate and pick up the junk continuously while the tractor makes quick turns. The easy adjustability of brushes to the ground minimizes skipping. This will allow the sweeper to collect even the smallest pieces of junk and maximize its performance. The twist-lock adjustment of the height of the sweeper secures the brushes into place even while working over uneven terrain.

It also has a large capacity hamper made of poly-weave fabric, which provides long-lasting durability. The hamper will save you from making multiple trips to empty the bag while cleaning your lawn. You also have the option of emptying the hopper bag right from the tractor seat by using the pull-rope mechanism. This will save a lot of your time and energy.

The collapsible and upright storing design provides quick and convenient storage. The tow-behind universal hitch attaches to all the garden tractors, making it suitable for a wide variety of people.

This sweeper also allows spreading fertilizer and seeds throughout your garden with the attachment. 

Easy to assemble

When assembled correctly, these sweepers provide years of durable use. You will appreciate that they are easy to assemble. The sweeper comes with simplified instructions. In fact, these sweepers come partly assembled. It will hardly take you around 1 or 2 hours to assemble the machine.

Easy to use and store

The Brinly’s Lawn Sweeper is very easy and convenient to use. The large collection hopper easily collects all the debris from the yard. It allows you to empty the hopper from the seat of the tractor effortlessly. You will be pleased with the sturdiness of these sweepers as you can work in the toughest terrains. They can efficiently clear not only leaves and grass clippings but also pine cones and pine needles.

The lawn sweeper is easy to store. It comes with a design that is easily collapsible for compact storage. You can easily store the Brinly’s Lawn Sweeper even in a small garage.

Easy to empty, reduction of fatigue, and energy-saving

The Brinly’s Lawn Sweeper comes with a pull rope mechanism that empties the bag quickly. This can be done without leaving the seat of the tractor. This will save a great deal of time in emptying the bag. The large hopper capacity provides maximum efficiency. The lawn sweepers allow you to make more passes across our lawn and clean a large lawn without having to empty the bag. This machine has a larger hopper capacity than other brands available in the market. Emptying the hopper will depend upon the volume of debris collected.

The Brinly’s Lawn Sweeper is highly efficient and a very effective machine. It will help you to clear your lawn in a matter of hours and also save you from body aches. This will give you with additional peace of mind and make working with this machine fun. Undoubtedly the sweeper will reduce tiredness, pain, and exhaustion caused by the use of rake. They make the sweeping job three times faster as compared to using any other sweeping methods.

Brinly’s lawn sweeper does an amazing job. Several owners of these lawn sweepers are extremely satisfied due to their energy-saving performance. The Brinly’s Lawn Sweeper helps in cleaning up almost all the debris on your lawn or yard in an efficient manner. They are not only time and energy savers but also cost-effective. 

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Brinly-Hardy is a company that has been specializing in lawn and farm pieces of equipment for years. They design and manufacture a variety of lawn care products and have a focus on continuous advancement and innovation of their products.

The Brinly’s Lawn Sweeper is highly rated and is among the most popular lawn sweepers on the market. They are capable of picking up a variety of debris and are built in a sturdy manner. Moreover, they are easy to store as they fold up and consume less space when not in use. The quality is top-notch. The tow-behind sweeper can be efficiently utilized to clean your yard throughout the year. This makes Brinly’s lawn sweepers a versatile tool and worth the price. Still not sure if the Brinly is right for you? Check out our Lawn Sweeper top picks

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