Craftsman Lawn Sweeper Review

Craftsman lawn sweeper review

Anyone would love to spend some time in their backyard for relaxation. However, if your yard or lawn is not clean and tidy, then you may not enjoy the time you spend there. For deep relaxation, you should have greener grass and blooming flowers around your home. 

In order to have a beautiful yard, you have to make it a point to timely trim grass in your lawn or backyard. Also, all the debris/junk should bel disposed of. Raking your yard will be time-consuming and too exhaustive. Instead, why not use a lawn sweeper and clear all the debris in half the time? Lawn Sweepers are the most convenient option to maintain a gorgeous yard, especially when you have a large lawn. By using lawn sweepers, the time-consuming job of clearing your lawn debris will become easier.

However, due to the availability of numerous lawn sweepers in the market, selecting the right one for the job is a tough task. You must pick a sweeper that is not only worth your money but also does the job perfectly. Check out our unbiased Craftsman lawn sweeper review to understand if this lawn sweeper will suit your needs.

Craftsman Lawn Sweeper Review in 2020


Let’s check some of the main features of Craftsman lawn sweeper:

Build quality

The build and quality of the Craftsman lawn sweepers are excellent. The Craftsman lawn sweepers are solid and sturdy. They are low in maintenance and also give long years of service. These lawn sweepers have a designed cantilevered hitch and oversized wheels with a diamond tread pattern. This design provides maximal traction and heaviness to the wheels. It also powers the sweeping brushes and ensures great performance when sweeping both dry and moist lawns. 

The Craftsman sweepers have a brush to wheel proportion of 8.5 to 1. This is one of the highest ratios, which in fact, no other branded lawn sweeper offers. This results in 70% more brush revolutions for more sweeping action than most other brands. Moreover, the brushes are long and reinforced. This allows you to sweep up a variety of debris easily. This includes clearing up of leaves, grass clippings, and other yard debris as well as pine needles.

The Craftsman sweeper also has a single center lever for easy adjustment of brush with pre-set adjustments. There is also a spring adjustable universal hitch system. This system enables the lawn sweeper to quickly and easily hitch to all types of tractors.

The hopper bag comes with improved flow technology. This enables you to fill up the hopper bag more efficiently by utilizing the capacity of the bag to the maximum. It has a pull string emptying mechanism. This allows you to dump the debris without leaving the seat of your garden tractor. The Craftsman sweeper will help you to clean up your lawn in one pass. It will pick up all the debris and cut grass on your lawn, even at low speeds or in wet spots. This is due to the reinforced brushes of the sweeper and a giant capacity hopper. 

Easy to use

The Craftsman lawn sweepers are able to work wonders and are very easy to operate. They work so well that you will be surprised by how quickly you’ll be able to dump the debris. It will leave you astounded with how amazing your lawn will look after using the lawn sweeper. These sweepers are very efficient at picking up all the debris which could be missed by the lawnmowers. Amazingly, this can be done in a single pass. They can pick up all the debris such as leaves, grass clippings, pine cones, twigs, including pine needles easily. Just ensure that the height of the hitch and brush are correctly set so that the lawn sweeper works optimally.

They are very easy to hook and unhook to your garden tractor. They can also work on the wet lawns, unlike other lawn sweepers. The large hopper bag fills up entirely. You can easily empty the hopper bag with the pull of a string. 

Easy to assemble, easy to empty and reduction of fatigue

Putting this machine together will hardly take you between thirty to forty-five minutes. You just need to follow the instructions manual carefully. 

These sweepers have an easy to use dumping function. When the hopper bag is filled fully, it can be easily emptied from the tractor seat with the pull of a string. This pull-rope mechanism will save plenty of time and energy.

These lawn sweepers will save you from hours of work in your yard. During summers, when the weather is hot & humid, and raking is tough, the sweepers will give you relief. It will also save you from body aches and blisters that would be caused by using a hand rake. It will make your yard clearing experience more fun and less tiring& exhaustive. 

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Craftsman company is known for the production of a variety of tools, workwear, and gardening equipment. In fact, it is one of America’s best-selling tool brands. Their lawn sweepers have the highest owner ratings on the market. The number of positive reviews by the owners is due to the solid lawn clearing performance and sturdiness of the Craftsman lawn sweeper. Also, their ability to pick up all types of lawn debris and long-lasting service helps maintain the reputation of the lawn sweeper. 

The sweepers will work smoothly on your lawn without causing any damage to your grass while clearing your lawn. These lawn sweepers provide excellent value for money. They are sure to help you keep your lawn looking spotless throughout the year. You can also check our detailed reviews on the Best Lawn Sweepers.

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