John Deere Lawn Sweeper Review

John deere lawn sweeper review

The first and foremost thing that people notice about any home is their garden. Who doesn’t want to create a lasting impression on their neighbors and friends? Maintaining your garden can be a difficult task but is also very essential. 

Lawn sweepers are extremely easy to use and very efficient implements to keep your garden safe, clean, and attractive. They are very effective garden tools. They help you to easily clear debris such as twigs, leaves, grass clippings, and any other waste from your yard. There are numerous types of lawn sweepers available on the market that can be used for various types of yards.

John Deere is a popular brand when it comes to lawn sweepers and other garden tools. These machines will not only save your money but will also save a lot of your time in maintaining your lawn. You can be assured that they will not damage your lawn while clearing the debris. Let’s check an unbiased John Deere Lawn Sweeper review. 

John Deere Lawn Sweeper Review in 2020


Let’s have a look at the features of John Deer lawn sweepers below:

Build quality, assembly, and storage 

These are heavy-duty and high-quality lawn sweepers. The overall frame is solid and sturdy. They have single knob adjustment, which is very easy to use for setting the brush height. They also have an easy to operate height adjustment handle. The wheels are wide and pneumatically operated. It helps in easy rolling of the sweeper blades. This provides a better grip and also prevents constant stopping and starting. 

The John Deere Lawn Sweeper has a large capacity bag for the collection of debris. The force of the brushes moves the objects up from the ground and into the large hopper bag. The brushes whisk debris and junk into the bag efficiently in just one single pass. The sweeper bushings are made of durable bronze. This helps in greater product durability and long-lasting performance. The sweeper has large welded housing with uniquely patented offset hitch.  The dump handle is easy to reach and stays in place.

These lawn sweepers are not difficult to assemble. You may have to go through the instructions slowly to understand it properly. If you are good with mechanics, then you may not even need to go through the instructions manual. 

These sweepers come with a detachable hopper bag. For ease of storage, the unit folds down flat. This makes the sweeper very attractive for you if space efficiency is one of your priorities.

Easy adjustments, dumping & emptying mechanism

These lawn sweepers really work well when their heights are properly adjusted. The height adjustment feature raises and lowers brushes independent of the housing. This enables the sweeper to always be in the optimum position for the best performance. The hitch of the sweeper also adjusts easily and quickly to the tractor hitch height. It also has an option to offset the sweeper either to the right or to the left of your tractor.

The dumping action of these lawn sweepers is also very great. These sweepers have large hopper bags that fill up entirely. Hence there is no need for you to dump your waste very often. This helps in saving a lot of your time and also fuel.

They are very easy to empty too. You won’t even need to leave the seat of your lawn tractor. There is a handlebar that tips the collector hopper. This helps in emptying out the debris easily. 

Easy to use and reduction of fatigue

The John Deere Lawn Sweepers are not only easy to put together but are also very easy to operate. The height adjustment can easily be made with the handle. The debris collection bag attaches quickly with spring-assist. Hence you don’t need additional tools or hands to collect the waste. The huge hopper bag fills up from top to bottom and utilizes the space in the bag entirely. This saves a lot of time as you need fewer breaks to dump the waste. 

These lawn sweepers are ideal for medium to large yards. They are very good at picking up and collecting larger lawn debris. They are capable of picking up all kinds of yard junk, including leaves, grass clippings, pine needles, sticks, twigs, etc. If the brushes get locked due to the collection of large sticks, by slightly reversing the sweeper, the brushes can easily be unlocked.

These lawn sweepers do a wonderful job of clearing up freshly cut or dried grass. They can also work well on wet grass. You just need to go over your lawn once, and it will pick up all the debris from your yard effortlessly. 

The John Deere lawn sweepers replace the backbreaking rake, thereby making lawn care easy. They help in reducing the exhaustion caused by using a hand rake and manual bagging. This saves a lot of time and energy for the user. These machines operate very smoothly and efficiently. This leads to a reduction of weariness when you are cleaning the yard in comparison to using a rake. 

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The lawn sweepers by John Deere have received excellent ratings from users. Users have given extremely positive comments about their ease of use, build, and performance. They are well built and well thought out heavy-duty machines which work perfectly. They are capable of handling various types of debris and junk efficiently, including pine cones and sticks. They are huge time savers. 

They help you to keep your lawn clean and tidy without any hassle. They help in easy maintenance even if your lawns are huge, which may otherwise be very difficult to manage. They are also easy and fun to use and operate. 

While the John Deere Lawn Sweeper may be a bit costlier as compared to other sweepers on the market, their performance on the lawn justifies their higher cost. Still not sure? Then check out our lawn sweeper buyers guide that includes our top picks. 

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