Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper Review

Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper Review

Tired of using a rake to clean up your lawn? Do you get up with body aches, pains, and physical discomfort after a hard day of clearing your garden? Then all you need is a lawn sweeper.

A lawn sweeper allows you to keep your garden healthy by providing the grass space to consume the required nutrients. Buying an appropriate sweeper for your lawn could be a challenging task as there are numerous models and brands available to choose from. Keeping things in check can be difficult when you have a large lawn. You must choose a lawn sweeper that will be the most efficient.

You can check out the Ohio Steel sweepers if you are looking for a powerful lawn sweeper. These sweepers can clear the debris even from the huge lawns very quickly and efficiently. They will help you keep your lawn clean, tidy, and healthy irrespective of the size of your lawn. Let’s check an interesting and unbiased Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper Review. 

Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper Review in 2020


Some of the features of Ohio Steel lawn sweepers are mentioned as below:

High build quality and easy assembly

Ohio Steel has always focused on innovation and quality. Their lawn sweepers are known for their sturdy and solid build quality. They have exclusive patented spiral brushes made up of durable and strong polypropylene. This enables the sweeper to give better performance as compared to other sweepers. 

It also causes less stress on the gears, which lengthens the life of the sweeper. This is an exclusive feature of Ohio Steel that you will not see anywhere else. The 4.5 – 1 brush to the ratio of wheel turning enables it to make sharper turns in your lawn tractor. You don’t need to be concerned about your sweeper keeping up. 

The Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper also has an extra-wide chute. This helps in preventing clogging in the wheels while you clean your lawn. The hitch pin and sealed ball bearing on the brush axle make it compatible with all types of garden vehicles. They also feature extra-large heavy-duty collection bags and a wide sweeping path. 

The hopper bag is easy to empty merely by pulling the rope from the seat of your lawn tractor. This helps in getting your lawn care done rapidly. They have a positive lock “no-slip” adjustment of the height of the sweeper. The Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper also has easy to remember height settings. The hitch adjustment feature allows easy operations with any garden tractor hitch height without using any spacer rings.

These sweepers are very easy to assemble. The sweeper can be assembled by a single person. The instruction manual that comes along with the sweeper is detailed and easy to understand. All the parts are properly labeled and numbered.

Easy to use, easy adjustments and compact storage

The Ohio Steel sweepers work very efficiently, allowing you to clean all the debris from your lawn without any struggle. These sweepers will work even for heavy-duty jobs. They may be a little difficult to move around on a tough terrain but provide promising results. The Ohio Steel Lawn Sweepers are very easy to use and can easily handle the clearing of the lawn between 1-3 acres.

Adjustment of the height on these types of sweepers is essential. If the height is adjusted too high, then the brushes will not pick up the debris. In case it is adjusted too low, then the wheels will not be able to drive the brushes due to dragging. If the user changes the mower blade height, then accordingly, he has to adjust the height of the sweeper. The height adjustment is very easy on these sweepers.

The hopper bag on the sweepers is entirely collapsible. This enables you to store it quickly and easily. It also allows you to store it anywhere in your home regardless of the space is compact.

Large hopper capacity, easy to empty and reduction of fatigue

The Ohio Steel Lawn sweeper comes with a larger hopper capacity. It can collect a lot of debris in a single pass. This enables the user to save a lot of time from having to start-stop to collect and dump the debris. However messy your garden may be, Ohio Steel lawn sweeper can pick up anything. It can pick up a wide range of debris right from mowing wastes to leaves, including wet ones and pine cones.

The hopper bag fills well with a good speed. With proper adjustments of height, it is very thorough at picking up grass clippings. Once the bag is full, it can effectively be dumped. The Ohio Steel Lawn Sweepers use a pull-rope mechanism for emptying the waste from the hopper. This makes it unnecessary for the user to get off from the tractor seat.

By using a lawn sweeper, you will definitely save a lot of your time. Not only that, but it will also reduce the tiredness and fatigue that can be caused by using the rake. This will also save you from backaches and getting blisters from raking.

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The Ohio Steel lawn sweeper works well and has an excellent pick-up capability. They are heavy-duty machines and fairly easy to put together. Users have expressed very positive opinions about the Ohio Steel lawn Sweepers. The machines exceed performance expectations. The reason for the satisfaction of most users is not only the strong performance of the sweepers but also because it is durable. 

The Ohio Steel Lawn Sweepers definitely provide excellent bang for your buck. These lawn sweepers are more suitable for people who have larger lawns and several trees. If you are looking out for a lawn sweeper with excellent features, then the Ohio Steel Sweeper is a smart buy. You will be satisfied with its power and efficiency. You can also check our detailed reviews of the Best Lawn Sweepers.

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