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Poulan Lawn Mower Review - Pro Model PRLM21i Push

Poulan is one of the last true U.S. manufactured lawn mowers on the market, and they have been building top quality mowers for decades.

Poulan lawn mowers are lightweight, efficient, and durable. The lawn mowers have multiple engines choices, cutting deck choices and drive system choices. This allows you do choose the perfect lawn mower for your needs.

Poulan Pro was started by a lumberjack Claude Poulan in 1946 in Shreveport, Louisiana. The first product that was produced by the company was a two-man chainsaw. 

The chainsaws were so heavy and powerful that you needed two men to operate it. By the mid 1950s, Poulan became a name that was associated with durability and efficiency.

The company then introduced one-man chainsaws that were fast, innovative, easy-to-use and powerful. They used the technology and innovation that helped them to make chainsaws to make other garden and lawn products.

By 1970s the Poulan Pro Company added weed trimmers, grass trimmers and lawn mowers to their portfolio.

Today, Poulan Pro has more than 70 years of experience and is a brand name that is respected in the market. When you think of a Poulan lawn mower, high performance, quality, and durability comes to mind. 

The Poulan Pro Company also makes sure that they keep investing in innovation and research to ensure that they stay ahead of competition.

In addition to getting a U.S. made lawn mower which is durable and has excellent performance, you get it at a price that is reasonable.

Best Poulan Lawn Mower Reviews

Poulan Lawn Mower Pro Model 961490006 Review


The Poulan Pro 961490006 is powered by a 163cc 725 exit engine from Briggs & Stratton. It is 22 inches 3 in 1 mower and has options of bagging, side discharging, and mulching.

The mower is easy to assemble. You just need to attach the bag and handle, add oil & gas, and you are ready to go. It starts instantly on the first pull without any priming.

The self-drive handles of the mower are wonderful. The wheels of the mower have five option height adjustments, very easy and simple to operate, with a single lever. Additionally, it also has a deck wash feature.

The Poulan Pro 961490006 is a fully-featured rear-wheel drive mower. The speed of the mower is great, and it moves at a decent pace.

The mower operates like a horse and is outstanding with several features for the offered price.

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Poulan Lawn Mower Pro Model PR500Y22 Review


The Poulan Pro PR500Y22 is equipped with a dependable 140cc 500 E Series Briggs & Stratton engine. It features a reliable pull start and a lot of power. It is a tough and reliable mower to get your job done efficiently.

The body of the mower is made up of heavy-duty steel, which makes the mower durable and long-lasting. The 22 inches cutting deck has the capability of mulching and side discharging. It is a great mower for a level to slightly sloping terrain.

The drive wheels on the front reduce the effort to push the mower. The mower also allows taking turns easily without disengaging the drive wheels.

The 4 point cutting height settings are simple and quickly adjustable. It increases and decreases the height of grass cutting as per your requirements. The mower is also backed by two years limited warranty.

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Poulan Lawn Mower Pro Model PR500N21SH Review


The Poulan Pro PR500N21SH comes with a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine. This provides the mower with the right amount of power to meet your mowing needs. This mower is designed to deliver a clean lawn in no time.

The 21-inch cutting deck of the mower is made up of steel and has a maximum cutting height of approximately 3.44-inch. The 140cc engine is fuel-efficient and lightweight. This makes the mower easy to maneuver.

The mower is very easy to put together. You only need to assemble the handles with two bolts and adjust the height of wheels, and you are ready to go. The mower can be started easily and starts immediately with a single pull.

It is easy to turn and runs smoothly on rough terrain due to its large rear wheels of 12 inches height. The wheels can be easily adjusted to suit your individual preference. 

Each wheel has a handle on the corner to adjust its height upwards or downwards, so it’s where you want.

The high rear wheels enable easy rolling for added maneuverability on any terrain. For better traction on uneven/tough spots, you can adjust the rear wheels a little higher than the front ones.

It is a 2 in 1 mower that has side discharging and mulching capabilities that provides you with a clean and healthy lawn. The excellent mulching feature leaves no clumps or disposed clippings and makes landscaping really good.

It has five different cutting height adjustments. The height of the blades is easy to adjust as per your requirements.

This versatile machine works on all types of grass. You can mow quickly over thin or thick areas, and even over tiny branches. This mower is ideal for larger yards and for cutting of tall grass.

If you’ve got a large lawn to mow, or need a very robust and dependable machine, this one is ideal. It will keep your yard looking fantastic for years together.

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Poulan Lawn Mower Pro Model PRLM21i Review


The Poulan Pro PRLM21i is a battery-operated cordless mower. It is equipped with a 58 volt Lithium battery that provides constant power until the battery is completely depleted.

The brushless motor delivers greater power, efficiency, and performance. The battery has a long run time. It also has an indicator that lets you know how much power is left.

The 21-inch steel cutting deck can side discharge, mulch, and bag. The engine is durable & long-lasting and has a higher power to weight ratio. The push-button start is easy and convenient.

The mower has four positions of cutting height, which allow easy maneuvering. The 11-inch rear wheels have excellent control over level, hilly and rough terrain.

The mower has an exclusive in-built power meter. This makes it easy to monitor power usage.

The handle of the mower can easily be folded when not in use for compact storage, saving valuable space. The machine is ergonomically designed, lightweight, quiet, and environment-friendly.

It is easy to start and operate. It is perfect for small yards and homeowners.

This mower is capable of mowing a full-sized lawn area between 2000 to 3000 sq. Ft. However, you may face difficulty cutting excessively long or wet grass.

The mower is covered by a four years warranty. However, the battery and charger are offered only two years warranty.

Overall, the Poulan Pro PRLM21i is a great mower that offers excellent value and efficiency for the quoted price.

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All the Poulan lawn mowers that we have reviewed above are excellent in terms of durability and performance. They are all reasonably priced.

If you are looking for power and performance, go for the Poulan Pro Model 961490006 Lawn Mower. If you are looking for dependable and easy-to-use Poulan lawn mower, then go for the Poulan Pro Model PR500Y22 Walk Behind Push Mower. 

If you have to work on rough terrain then go for the Poulan Pro Model PR500N21SH Walk Behind Mower and finally, you can choose the Poulan Pro Model PRLM21i Push Lawn Mower if you want a battery operated, simple and lightweight Poulan lawn mower. 

When you buy a lawn mower from Poulan, you don’t have to worry about setting it up or maintaining it. The website has a lot of information on how to use and maintain the lawn mower. 

You get access to a lot of knowledge on how to use the lawn mowers via the knowledge center on their website. This includes how-to articles, how-to videos, safety tips, buying guides and answers to frequently asked questions. 

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