Snapper Lawn Mower Reviews

Snapper XD MAX Electric Lawn Mower Kit Review​

If you want a lawn that is well maintained, then having a lawn mower is very important. Snapper lawn mowers are trusted and durable. Snapper is well-known as a lawn mower Company and has a significant market share in the lawn mowing industry.

Some of the advantages of a Snapper lawn mower are that they are easy to operate, they cut grass smoothly and are reasonably prices.

Since there are many options even within the Snapper family, we have made a list of their best 8 lawn mowers along with their main features, pros and cons. 

Let’s check the best Snapper Lawn Mowers on the market.

Snapper Lawn Mower Reviews

Snapper CRP218520 / 7800968 NINJA Lawn Mower Review


The snapper Ninja Commercial Series Lawn Mower comes with Biggs & Stratton engine that is from its 850 professional series. It has various features making it smoother, Easy to start, more durability, and quieter operation. 

The mower comes with heavy-duty functions such as a steel deck made of 14 gauge, reinforced bracing and steel axle. A one-time investment in this mower will last you a lifetime. 

This mower is designed with a rare wheel drive system making your maneuvering very easy. It comes with improved traction. It also has seven different height adjustments that make it easier to cut.

The mower is easy to install and use. There is no need for DIY experience to install it. It is very convenient to use and saves a lot of time. 

You can now effortlessly maintain your lawn even if it has uneven spots. You can enjoy all the features of the Ninja blades. It comes with six features that give a powerful and smooth cut. 

These blades mulch the grass very finely, and there is no need to be bothered with the cuttings. The mower is designed in such a way that it blows the grass back on to the lawn.

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Snapper HD 48V MAX Cordless Electric Self-Propelled 20-Inch Lawn Mower Review


Snapper HD Electric Self-Propelled Lawn Mower has a Briggs & Stratton in-built engine of 48V MAX and a battery that is Lithium-ion 5.0. It has a 20 Inches mowing deck made of steel. 

It is designed with a 3-1 function. Don’t need to worry about the grass cuttings. You can side discharge, bag, or mulch all the grass that you clip. This 3-1 function is very convenient as it keeps the lawn neat and clean. It is intelligently designed to sense load. 

This technology allows maximum efficiency and provides optimum power making it easy to use. Whatever the height of the grass on your lawn, there is no need to get stressed. This mower comes with seven different height adjustments. 

The height can be easily adjusted with the help of one single lever. With space being an issue, this mower is designed with vertical storage that will help you save space.

Snapper HD Lawn Mower is very easy to install and use. You can do it on your own, even with no DIY experience. It is enclosed with a user manual that explains the installation step by step. 

If you need any further assistance, you can always call their customer care. They are always happy to help. Once successfully installed, all you have to do is push the button and enjoy mowing your lawn effortlessly. 

The mower can be used for 60 minutes; however, it also depends on the conditions. With the cordless battery, you can now get your job done without any hassles.

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Snapper P2185020 / 7800980 HI VAC Lawn Mower Review


Snapper Self Propelled Lawn Mower has a built-in engine of Briggs & Stratton 850 Professional Series. Its starting system is so well made that it never gets choked and needs no priming. 

All you need to do is pull and begin to mow. The traction is good on the rare wheel drive. This makes it easy for you to move around without damaging the lawn grass. 

Once you cut the grass, there is no hassle of getting rid of the cut grass. It comes with a vacuum so powerful that it sucks the grass as soon as it is cut, keeping your space neat and clean. 

It comes with a 3-1 function; side discharge, mulch, or bag. No matter what the size of the grass on your lawn, be it 1.25 inches or 4 inches, you can now easily adjust the height according to your requirement. All you need to do is make a simple adjustment on your handle.

It is easy to install and use. It comes with a user manual that explains it step by step. But if you need any further assistance, you can always call their customer care. 

This is a one-time investment that will last a lifetime. It has low maintenance costs. Its operation is quieter and avoids noise pollution. Its professional series engine has a high-grade performance that increases its durability.

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Snapper XD 82V MAX Lawn Mower Review


Snapper XD Cordless Electric Mower is light in weight and is very easy to handle compared to gas-powered mowers. It has a durable 3-in-1 steel mowing deck. You could either bag up mulch or side discharge. 

It comes with a Briggs & Stratton 2.0 batteries making all this possible for up to 45 minutes. You don’t need to stick with one cutting height. With this mower, you have seven different options to choose from. 

The mower comes with vertical space storage. The maintenance of this mower is very low. The sound decibel on it is also minimal. Hence, there would be no sound pollution when in use. It has a compact design that saves you a lot of space when it comes to storing it.

Snapper XD Cordless Electric Mower is easy to install and use. It comes with a user manual that explains the installation step by step. 

You do not need a DIY experience to set it up and certainly no need to call a handy person. It is very light compared to other mowers in the market, making it easy to use. 

If you need further assistance, they also have a customer service number available. It comes with a 21 inches Steel deck that makes clipping easy. 

While trimming, it can maintain pace even through dense growth, giving your lawn a smooth finish. You can lower or raise the deck as per your requirement, making it easy maneuver.

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Snapper RP2185020 7800981 Lawn Mower Review


A worthwhile addition to your outdoor equipment is the Snapper RP2185020 / 7800981 NINJA 3-n-1 Rear Wheel Drive Variable Speed Self-Propelled Lawn Mower incorporating a Briggs & Stratton Series engine.

It has a Rear-wheel drive system that promises better walk-behind traction for the mower due to its high 10 inch rear wheels, thus allowing  for a greater grip on sloped hills & dense grass.

The ready start mechanism ensures instant‘pull and go’ startup with no problems of priming or choking issues.

It is truly the best mower for mulching, as the durable blade having six dominant cutting surfaces mulches the grass clippings into fine pieces, which are then blown back into the yard by the deck. The jagged front axle and stamped mower deck are both made of solid steel, thus guaranteeing lifelong performance and silent operation.

For easy maneuvering, especially on turns, the Snapper Lawn Mower has a built-in smooth turn differential, and one can effortlessly change the height of the grass cut by using the adjustment handles to achieve seven different heights-of-cut adjustments ranging from 1.25 to 4 inches. 

With product dimensions of 38 x 23 x 19 inches and weighing 82.5 pounds, it is delivered to you in a very good condition making it easy to assemble later.

So get set to experience a power-packed lawn mower by Briggs & Stratton with professional-grade features.

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Snapper 2691402 360z Mower Review


Offering commercially inspired features, the Snapper 2691402 360z, Riding, Zero Turn Mower is set to give a tough competition to other mowers. It has a great engine with superior performance options enabling consistent Zero-turn power. 

Containing a Briggs & Stratton Professional Series engine along with the ReadyStart technology is an added benefit to never let you down.

It is designed with a mower deck lift, which is foot-operated. As a result, it effortlessly raises and adjusts the durable mower deck between 13 different ‘height-of-cut’ positions ranging from 1.5 to 4.5 inches.

The mower deck is carefully fabricated with a welded steel frame, a dense front axle and caster spindles containing ball bearings. With these durable features, the Snapper 2691402 360z, Riding, Zero Turn Mower will give you unmatched endurance. These well-designed decks have a limited lifetime.

The benefit of Snapper’s riding and push lawn mowers are its exceptional easy operation features. You can tug dirt, carry tools and cut the grass with this zero turn mower due to the easy convertibility of these mowers, thus giving you the required attachments like dump carts, grass bags, mulching options, and dozer blades. 

In addition, it provides the incorporated cargo bed at the rear end, available on select models to offer on-the-go versatility.

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Snapper CP215520HV / 7800849 Lawn Mower Review


Possessing a crafted streamlined design, the Snapper HI VAC 3-in-1 Rear Wheel Drive Variable Speed Commercial Series Lawn Mower is ready to meet your expectations and make your yard work extremely easy. 

The premium Honda GXV 160 OHV engine fulfills the expectations of harsh mowing applications. The power-packed Steel mowing deck measuring 14-gauge, the reinforced bracing, durable wheels, and steel Axle, all withstand the demanding task of mowing.

Comprising a rear-wheel-drive ensures better maneuverability and greatly develops the walk-behind mower traction. Besides this, the smooth-turn differential is also responsible for simple operation. 

A unique mechanism includes the Hi-VAC deck, which ensures an effective grass cut, which then sucks up the grass clippings. By doing so, you get a neatly finished lawn, and this can be compared to a distinctive blade vacuum with a rolled deck edge that generates a huge air volume with suction ability. 

It can also change the height-of-cut using the adjustable handlebars, and you get 7 diverse height-of-cut adjustments ranging from 1.25 to 4 inches.

The 10″ rear wheels are quite high, thus enabling improved turning ability and propulsion on hilly areas. The Item weight is 109 pounds, with product dimensions of 38.5 x 23 x 19.2 inches.

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Snapper P2185020E / 7800982 Lawn Mower Review


All set to capture the market and your hearts, is the Snapper Hi-Vac, 3-N-1 Rear Wheel Drive Variable Speed Self Propelled Lawn Mower. Smartly comprising of a sturdy Briggs& Stratton 850 professional Series engine, you don’t need to worry about priming or engine choking as it has a ready-start system where you need to ‘pull and go. In addition, it has a3-in-1 capability side discharge attachment, bag, or mulch.

To improve the walk-behind mower traction, there is a Rear-wheel drive and a smooth turn differential, all designed to improve the maneuvering ability. It has high 10″ rear wheels for greater power on sloped hills and thick vegetation.

A unique feature is the ‘Hi-VAC’ deck, which efficiently cuts and sucks up the fine grass clippings from the lawn for a neat finish. This can be compared to a distinctive blade vacuum with a rolled deck-edge that generates a huge air volume with suction ability.

There is an option to choose among seven diverse height-of-cut adjustments from 1.25 to 4 inches, by using the adjustment handles.

Therefore it proves to be the best mower for those who like bagging since the mower deck with its Hi-Vac suction efficiency cuts and bags the grass. Overall this is an outstanding lawn mower.

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As you can see, there are many excellent Snapper lawn mowers on the market. All of them are reasonable when it comes to the price, are durable and are easy to maintain. You can decide on the Snapper best lawn mower to suit for your requirements. 

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